TV screens and Monitors

Flat panel screens play a vital part in any automated or teched up house install because they display what the system you have built is actually doing.  Long gone are the days of 1 TV sitting in the Lounge.  Now we all have TV's in the kitchen, our bedrooms and possibly even the bathroom! Flatpanel technology means we can put a TV anywhere.

You'll most probably have an LCD monitor for your computer too.  It's not a TV, but it can be used as one.  The options are endless and technology is getting better by the day.  But you have to be careful as it's still hard to achieve traditional CRT quality on an LCD or Plasma.  We've come forward in size but sometimes quality is debatable.

Panasonic Plasma stands the test of time

I bought a 50" commercial type Panasonic Plasma screen in 2005.  It's only 720p and only 60Hhz but it still looks pretty sitting on the wall and everyone always comments on the picture quality.


Ok, I'm missing a centre speaker and it's noticeable, but that's next on my list of upgrades.  And to get rid of those speakers with some nice wall mount monitors.  But, I have a Sony Bravia 42"LCD 1080p in my other lounge with perfect Dolby 5.1 surround sound and I still prefer the Panasonic.

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Flat Panel on the Wall

Who is the fairest of them all.  Simple, the install which is chased into the wall.  A flat panel always looks best when sitting on a wall with no wires showing.  But how much effort is it?


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