Choosing the right speakers for each room in your house isn't easy unless you really don't care about sound quality.  Cheap speakers always sound cheap, so be warned.  You can hunt around and find some cheap speakers better than others, but if you're installing speakers into the walls or ceilings of your house it's most probably best to stay on the safe side and buy and good brand name.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to audio quality and every room will sound different.  Speaker technology has come along way in the last 10 years but every install will be different.  The size of the room, the type of walls, the ceiling and even the decor will affect how your speakers sound.  It's easy to listen to speakers sounding perfect in a demo room in your local audio store, but start exprimenting with speakers in a bathroom and it might start to increase your tolorance for the not so perfect sound!


Ceiling Speakers

In some rooms such as Kitchens and Bathrooms it's just not possible to place a pair of speakers on the side, floor or wall. Installing your speakers in the ceiling is a great way to get your speakers hidden and out of the way from spills and water.


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In Wall Speakers

Placing your speakers in the wall is an ideal way to save space and provide a fresh clean look.  But, it's not as easy as buying a pair of normal speakers and placing them on stands. Is the extra hassle worth the space and wall flat lines?


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