Example Planning list from June 2005

How I started.  I just wrote down a list of what i wanted.  Here's exactly what i wrote down in 2005:




Freeview Digibox
PC ie to play videos, but would love the ability to view and use windows on all TV’s, but I think I may be dreaming!

(I would prefer to run these into a PC so I can use motion detection software, but then would like to run them back out to all TV’s)

Expected new equipment:
IP camera
Sky HD


Cassette deck(but this could go via PC)
Record decks X 2 via Mixer and preamp (so only 1 stereo output)






Lounge 1 - Audio,Video, telephone, Ethernet
Lounge 2 - Audio, Video, telephone, Ethernet
Kitchen - Audio, Video, telephone, Ethernet
Bedroom 1 - Audio, video, telephone, Ethernet
Bathroom 1 - Audio
Study/Office - Audio, video, telephone/ fax, Ethernet

Less Essential

Patio(x2 if cost effective) - Audio
Bedroom 2 - video
Bedroom 3 - Audio
Garage - Audio


Lounge 1 (existing flint walls, 4m high ceiling):

LCD or Plasma - currently have 32” Samsung HD LCD, but thinking of moving this to the bedroom.
Need a big sound system in here – Currently use a Richer sounds system! 2 x Cambridge Audio 120w amps with 2 TDL floor standing speakers and a Gale 12” sub. Quality and volume are ok, but it could be better.  Also looks bad. Sub is very flappy.

DVD and Sky + currently sit in this room and I’d prefer they are moved to server cupboard.


Lounge 2 / games room (New extension built from block cavity wall)

LCD or Plasma 32" or possibly bigger, wall mounted.  Need a bracket so the screen can be pulled round a corner so I can watch TV from the patio.
Would want surround sound here for TV.
Good sound system. Outside speakers for watching TV or listening to music. I would add these later when I get to landscaping stage.
Wall mounted speakers would be best


Kitchen (made from flint and clay lump)

LCD upto 21” – bracket needed to mount from wall or overhead beam, or if it exists, hang it on the fridge.
2 speakers for audio to be mounted on beam at end wall.  Something small but punchy.
Can you get slim line sub that would fit under kitchen unit?


Bedroom 1 (new extention)

LCD wall mounted, no surround(unless it's cheap!)
Speakers in ceiling for audio.


Bathroom 1

Good sound system



PC with capture card - would like to watch Sky via PC
Servers x 4 - 1 of these will be my CCTV server and controller so I'm assuming this loops back to video distribution hub.  i have yet to build this, so a pre made solution may be an option if one exists.
Line in to existing M-Audio studio monitors.
Record decks back to hub


Less essential rooms, but might aswell think about it:

Bedroom 2

Has 28" Toshiba widescreen, so would like to get atleast freeview in here.

Bedroom 3

2 speakers for audio.  Could possibly use existing floor standing and amps here, so it would be nice to feed from central system.

Bedroom 4 & Bathroom 2


Audio only

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