PIR Sensors and X10

Motion detection using CCTV is never good enough.  The good old PIR sensor is the fairly reliable alternative when it comes to detecting motion.  It will false alert, but that's mainly down to where you position it and how you set it up.  Any standard PIR sensor can be attached to a relay which can trigger an X10 device.



Planning your PIR coverage

You really need to think about where you are placing your PIR sensors.  Think about where you need to detect motion and then think about how you will position it so you can minimize false alarms.  Trees or bushes blowing in the wind will set off the PIR, so make sure it does not point at anything moving.  You can direct the PIR sensor if you need to.  You can also use 'blinkers' to limit the area it covers.  Below is a picture of a cheap PIR sensor where I  have used a piece of pipe to mask the view of the PIR.  If anyone or anything crosses the line the PIR sensor is triggered.


Integrating with your Home Automation software

You don't have to integrate your PIR sensors with your home control software, but if you do have something like Homeseer running it really does add alot more to the automation experience! I only have experience using X10 and Homeseer but whilst researching i did find many other ways.  It all depends on what suits your installation.

X10 and PIR Sensors

You can use a Relay and an X10Powerflash module to send an X10 command when the PIR triggers.  Homeseer then picks up this command.  The X10 powerflash module activates and sends an X10 command when circuit is made.  The Relay is used to make that circuit and close the connections on the X10 powerflash module.  You will need a mains rated Relay and unless you know what you are doing i would also suggest an electrician!

One thing to watch out for with X10 is a clashing of signals.  I run 8 PIRs and never have a problem.

You can also buy X10 ready PIR sensors and lights.  The USA seem to have a better choice than us brits, but if you can't be bothered with the relay option check out the off the shelf X10 PIR products first.


It's an option, but I haven't used it due to distance.  Check out the Z-wave website.

Global Cache

I use Global Cache for IR, but it also caters for Sensors.  Find out more information about Global Cache here.



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