Multiroom Audio

In my eyes the most essential part of any teched up house.  Multiroom audio to me is being able to access any music track or radio station in any room in my house.  I just love waking up to music and have to say the bathroom speaker is a must.  Friends laugh when they see the ceiling speakers in my bathrooms, but a shower without music just isn't the same.  Yes, you can hang your rubbish radio nearby, but 150W of good quality sound with the playlist of your choice wins hands down.  You have to feel the bass, not just hear it.

There are many ways you can distribute audio and video around your home and everybody I speak to seems to have a different requirement.  I chose sonos, quite simpley because it's foolproof and the wife loves it.  It's a gf/wife point winner!  But there are loads of multiroom solutions out there from the super expensive to the cheap and nasty.

Sonos Multiroom Audio

Sonos distributes audio from any PC or NAS over IP (wifi or wired) to any room in your house.  Any fool can distribute audio throughout their house using Sonos.  It's the Apple Iphone of the multiroom audio world. I bought my first Sonos boxes about 4 or 5 years ago and haven't once regretted buying them.  The wife loves it because it's easy to use and my friends love it when they come round for a few beers.  It's a winner all round.  Oh, and I think it's pretty good too.



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