X10 Lighting and Powerline Home Automation


X10 was invented in 1975 and is intended to remote control devices and appliances attached to your power line.  It really is plug and play.  Read Wiki for full details.


Electric Gate and X10

Installing an electric gate means you don't have to get in and out of your car when you get home or leave.  It also stops unwanted visitors such as cold callers!  But the real bonus is being able to open or close it from your PC or armchair using a mobile device like an IPhone for example.  Most transmitters won't reach far enough, so controlling your electric gate using X10 means you can operate it from anywhere in the world over IP.



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PIR Sensors and X10

Motion detection using CCTV is never good enough.  The good old PIR sensor is the fairly reliable alternative when it comes to detecting motion.  It will false alert, but that's mainly down to where you position it and how you set it up.  Any standard PIR sensor can be attached to a relay which can trigger an X10 device.


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