In Wall Speakers

Placing your speakers in the wall is an ideal way to save space and provide a fresh clean look.  But, it's not as easy as buying a pair of normal speakers and placing them on stands. Is the extra hassle worth the space and wall flat lines?


Are In Wall Speakers Easy?

It all depends on your situation.  If you're doing a new build, in wall speakers are easy to fit and quite cost effective.  But on the other hand if you're just looking to upgrade your speakers, the time and hassle required is beyond most people.  It's not just making the hole for the speaker itself because you also need to chase the speaker cable into the wall as well.  However, when installing on newly built walls you can run the speaker cable behind the plasterboard.  If you have no plasterboard and it's just purely rendered you're gonna have to chip out a channel to place your speaker cable in.  Obviously, with brick you haven't really got a chance unless you carefully remove the pointing and lay the cable behind that. So, which ever way you look at it, installing in wall speakers is never as simple as getting them out of the box and plugging them in.

The picture below shows the B&W in wall centre speaker pictured above before the plasterboard was put on.  I decided to lift the wall out slightly using 1x4" batons.  For relatively little cost this gave me more freedom when it came to wiring everything up.


How does the quality compare?

The quality of the wall and the insulation in the wall will make a big difference to the sound quality of your in wall speaker.  I used high density Rock wool in the cavity which really helps give a solid sound in the room.  It also prevents the sound from leaking outside when the volume is loud.  If you share the wall with your neighbour be warned that in wall speakers will sound louder next door than free standing speakers.  

I'm fairly impressed with the quality of my B&W in wall speakers, but every install will be different and if you are an audiophile it's going to be very difficult to shuffle them around if you're not happy first time! If you want perfection you won't achieve it with in wall speakers unless you have a serious amount of experience.  But they look good and perform well for the money.  Infact, I'm very happy with the performance of mine.

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