IR Distribution - IR Distribution for Multiple Rooms

IR Distribution for Multiple Rooms

LabGear make a nice distribution unit available in 4 and 8 channels.  Below is a picture of the LabGear HDU681 8 channel version.  It's not just for distributing IR throughout your house, but also distributes RF, UHF, FM and DAB.  So basically anything you recieve via your TV Ariel or the RF outputs from the back of your cable or sky box.  Please note that the picture quality from the RF socket of your sky or cable box is only acceptable for old CRT TV's.  An RF signal looks terrible on modern HD TV's.  But distributing your TV ariel throughout your house means that TV's with Freeview decoders can pick up a good quality signal.

Each IR receiver and TV is connected via coax to the out connectors.  Connect one of the outputs from the MRX120 ir decoder(above) or similar device into the uplink on the Labgear HDU6XX.  The IR signal will be sent back to the LabGear distribution unit and then on to the MRX120 which in turn will emit/relay the IR signals to your devices where ever they may be. 


Also known as a 'loft box', the Labgear Distribution Unit needs mains power.  The power supply is built in and vented on the right hand side if you look at the picture above.  The unit has mounts to attach it to the wall.  With so many connections it's important that the distribution unit is secured firmly.

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