Wireless Control

You've built your system, wired loads of kit in your rack and now you need to control it from the comfort of your armchair or wherever you happen to be with an internet connection.  Even if you've gone to the trouble and expense of installing tiny touch control screens in every room you're still going to need a fancy remote control. There are loads of different options to choose from.  I opted for an I-touch because it's cheap, easy to use, easy to carry and does the job very well.  But it's not as easy as installing an app so it doesn't suit everyone.  For me, the web app/ webserver approach works well because I code it for a living, but if that's not your style you may have taken a hammer to your iphone or itouch before you've got it working!

IR Distribution

So you want to hide all your tech devices from sight but need to control them with your IR remote controls.  Problem is, IR remote controls only work in line of sight.  You have to actually point the remote control at the device to control it.  Not to worry, there are lots of products out there which can relay the IR signal to another location.


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HSTouch Sonos Style Iphone App

The sonos app on the Iphone works so well I had to copy it's style for my HSTouch application.  I always wanted Sonos to control my video and other devices so here's what i've built so far.  It's along way from finished or tidy and will be changing alot over the next few months.

HSTouch_sonos_style_home HSTouch_sonos_style_partyhut2

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I Touch, I phone Home automation control

I'm not an Apple fan, but the I Phone and I Touch are nice pieces of tech kit.  Other brands are catching up, but hardware wise the Ipod ITouch or Iphone is my choice for home control.  It's not as easy as plugging everything in and watching it turn your lights on and off but depending on your server software choice it can be easier than you think if someone points you in the right direction.


My Ipod Touch running AirMouse.

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