Home Control/Automation Software

If you've decided a server running 24/7 is the way to go you're going to need the right software to interface with all your devices and control them.  There are lots of products out there and you'll most probably need more than one.  Home control software choice is difficult.  Once you've chosen a product you're going to want to stick with it for years or you'll be re-writing your setup.  So it's important you choose the software product that suits you and your skills.

Homeseer Home Automation Software

Homeseer can be a complete solution to your home control or interact with other software such as Cinemar MainLobby.  I use MainLobby as the front end and Homeseer as the 'i can do anything' back end.  There seems to be nothing Homeseer can't do.



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Cinemar MainLobby

Control your house with MainLobby Server and an IPhone.  But this product does so much more..

MainLobby Server (MLServer) Log view and uptime


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