Home Automation Server

Home Automation Server Specification

From hours spent researching myself, I thought it would be nice to see a server spec which has be tried and tested.  I needed some benchmark of power required to run what i wanted.  This one is a few years old now but hasn't struggled once.


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What does my server do?

The heart of a modern day multiroom or automated install is your Server.  Some people don't want a computer running 24/7, but read on and you might change your mind.

At first I wasn't too sure if a computer running windows would be stable enough and I was concerned about power consumption.  But after many days of research and planning I came to the conclusion that a server is a must if you want to take advantage of mobile devices such as the iphone or itouch.


The picture above is my Intel 4 core server in a rack mount case bolted to my 19" rack.


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