CCTV and Home Automation

Knowing where people/animals are and keeping and eye on your home whilst you're away is essential to most automated homes.  CCTV plays a great part in security and can also alert you to people coming down your drive or entering rooms.  Motion Detection using CCTV isn't always perfect, so it's a good idea to use PIR sensors where you can.  If you are using home automation software such as Homeseer you can use a combination of both motion detection methods to increase accuracy.

The difference between most traditional CCTV installs and an automated home install is that you want to integrate CCTV and sensors into your home automation software.  IP CCTV makes this easy, but it comes at a price if you want quality.  Traditional analogue CCTV can be bought at a much cheaper price so using a PC, PVR or CCTV IP server to digitize the signal can work well.  It all depends on your setup.

PTZ IP Dome Camera Review and Modification

Pan Tilt and Zoom(PTZ) Dome cameras don't normally come cheap.  But take a look round ebay and you'll think otherwise.  The specifications always look good, but are they worth the money?  

ebay ptz zoom camera with Big Brother zoom camera upgrade

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Hidden Bullet Camera CCTV

If you don't like the look of having CCTV cams slapped all over your house or you're a bit nosey, best buy a smaller cctv camera like a bullet cam for instance.  Stick it in a bush and away you go!!


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