Home Automation Cable Connectors

If you bought your cables pre-made with the connectors already on you don't need to read this as you'll be gutted when you realise you've paid a fortune for cable when you didn't need to!


HDMI cables come pre made.  I've never even looked at trying to put my own connectors on as I doubt it's worth the hassle.  Most multiroom installs require Cat 5/6 and coax termination which is easy.  Remember from the cable types section I'm using good quality digital grade 75ohm coax to carry audio and video, but the problem i found was finding a good phono connector.  Some people even looked shocked when i asked about connecting coax via a phono plug and would always try to sell me their ready made leads.


Connectors you might use:

Cat 5/6 Connectors


Easy, go buy yourself a big bag of RJ45 connectors.  RJ45's are used on all network leads you'll find so very standard.  You will need a crimping tool  to make a proper connection.  I've seen people try it with a screwdriver which is a complete waste of time.  A crimping tool doesn't cost much and will make your life easier.  You'll also be able to use it for stripping the wire at the end without cutting into the core wires.

Make sure you have your crossover cables when wiring.  Details to follow.  Here's a quick pic to show you the order of wires when making an ethernet cable. Note how the green and blue wires are crossed over.  If you don't do this your ethernet cable will not work unless over very small distances.



These are the smaller looking versions of RJ45's.  You'll normally need these for phone line.


Coax Connectors


I always use a good quality 75ohm twist on F connector on all my coax connections.  You can buy soldered connectors but in my experience they are not as good as a twist on.  Sky use F-connectors to connect the coax coming from the satellite to your Sky box because they are sturdy and work well.

Once you have the F-connector firmly attached to your cable you can then use screw in adaptors to convert your connection to what you need.  You'll find the main type of connector required is a phono plug.  I think the only place that sells them is Radio Shack which obviously isn't great for us Brits, but you can get hold of them and they work extremely well.  Make sure all your connectors are 75ohm.


Above is an example of a twist on F-connector with a screw in female RCA/phono plug adaptor.


Normally used for CCTV and video.  They are good connectors if you attach them to the coax correctly.  Most BNC connectors require soldering.  I have found some twist on versions from Maplin but they don't fit as well as a twist on F-connector.


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