Home Automation Cabling

Home Automation Cable Connectors

If you bought your cables pre-made with the connectors already on you don't need to read this as you'll be gutted when you realise you've paid a fortune for cable when you didn't need to!


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What cable do I need to install?

If you've done you're planning you should know the answer.  But sometimes it's hard to know what you want when the chance comes to blanket cable your house.  It really depends on what you are trying to achieve but the most important seems to be video, audio, ethernet and phone.


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Cabling your House

In the UK we overlook creating a structured cabling system in our homes.  If you are renovating, rebuilding or starting from scratch it's worth thinking about the cables you are going to need.  The cost and time saving of putting them in at an early stage of the build is huge.  If you know what you want you will save money.


The best time to cable!

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