Hidden Bullet Camera CCTV

If you don't like the look of having CCTV cams slapped all over your house or you're a bit nosey, best buy a smaller cctv camera like a bullet cam for instance.  Stick it in a bush and away you go!!



High Resolution Bullet Camera

Above is an example of one of my high res bullet cams which i bought from RFconcepts.  You can obviously see the camera in the photo, but that's only because it's close up.  Nobody ever notices it, even when i tell them it's there.  It's a low light camera at about 0.01Lux and is 576 TV lines.  Because of it's remote location I power it via cat 5 using Power over Ethernet(POE).  But I still have a coax cable running all the way back to my server.  It's about 100m run and there is slight signal loss but it's not bad. It's a good camera but sometimes when it's really damp I get water on the lense.  It's been running for about 4 years and the only thing that's gone wrong is the POE injector which just seemed to stop working on me.

Night Vision

If you get a good bullet camera with low light capabilities you'll need an IR light so you can see in the dark.  You can mount the IR light away from the camera but you will need to feed power to it.  It all depends on your situation, but it's worth considering flood lighting the entire area with IR so other cams and PTZ cams can also benefit.  Ebay is a good place to look for cheap IR flood lights.

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