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This site tries to give you a few pointers in the right direction for automating your home.  I know some of you will think 'why bother?'.  I hear that so much from people, but hand them a controller and they don't want to give it back!  Then I'm bombarded with questions about how it's done!

My main reason for automating my house was Music.  Music makes me happy so it's important to be able to access it anytime, anywhere.  Looking for a good multiroom audio system whilst completely gutting my house and rebuilding it manifested into a desire to control everything with an electrical pulse!

So this was about 5 years ago and finding information about automating my house was difficult.  There were solutions out there and some great websites to help but the challenge was putting the entire thing together myself using technology which would hopefully last and do what i wanted.

Times were changing back then.  The internet had been taken seriously and a network within the home was becoming available to non technical users.  Thing is, it seemed tech manufacturers had overlooked the beauty of sending everything such as  video and audio over IP.  But tech moves on and today is an IP friendly place even if it does still have IR devices controlling!

I come from a tech background. I was a ZX spectrum,  Atari ST and Amiga kid so I've always wanted to control something, anything with a PC,  The opportunity of rebuilding my house was cabling.  I had the choice then to either do it or not.  Cabling a house being built is so much easier than retro fitting it!  I took the plunge to dump as many cables in as possible even though i didn't really know how i was going to set the whole thing up! But it paid off.  It made me do it and the job was easier because i had the cables in.

I also went to professional installers as i was quite happy to pay for someone to do it.  But the problem was they didn't have the right solutions at the right price.  The decent IP professional installs where far to much money for what they were and I didn't really want what they had to offer at the time.  Basically i was worried i was going to buy a system that was out of date or superceded because technology was moving so fast.  I also wanted a system i could understand.  I've been programming VB/SQL/HTML for years so i couldn't see the advantage of these custom installs with custom languages that seemed medieval.

Anyway, I'm gonna document the entire procedure to save myself repeating it to people who want to know and so i don't forget myself.  New tech pops up all the time so it's important to keep an eye on the market and see what's available. Hopefully this will give me a place to write down my notes..




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